Our Commitment

We are committed to developing a corporate strategy that supports the long term viability of our business model in a manner that focuses on our employees, customers, and shareholders, the environment, and the communities in which we serve. We believe this focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals not only is the right thing to do, but demonstrates our commitment to both fostering a culture of corporate responsibility as well as being a good corporate steward.

We have identified the following three priorities as part of our comprehensive corporate responsibility initiative:

Environmental Consciousness
Human Capital Management
Community Outreach



% of Our Customers that have Adopted eStatements
(Industry average = 1-5% adoption rate)


% of our Workforce that is Comprised of Ethnic Minorities


% of Women C-level Executives


Environmental Consciousness

We are committed to sustainable habits and methods of doing business, including going paperless, recycling, and encouraging our customers to do the same.

We have been successful in our initiative to encourage our customers that receiving monthly statements electronically, or eStatements, is good for the environment. In fact, eStatements has been widely adopted by our customers. By receiving statements electronically, rather than through the mail, our customers are reducing their "carbon footprint" and other actions that printing and mailing paper may have on the environment in terms of carbon dioxide emissions. eStatements don't require paper or envelopes, or the need for postage or the post office.

Human Capital Management

We invest in our workforce by offering competitive wages and benefits, continually working to create a strong company culture, and nurturing our talent through training and retention programs. Our goal is to reduce turnover and increase employee satisfaction.

Third Coast Bank implemented an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that provides resources, training, and online tools to assist employees with mindfulness, stress release and gratitude exercises.

We value the opinions of our employees and recently surveyed our employees for their feedback on diversity, equity and inclusion specific topics. Their voices matter.

Third Coast Bank recognizes the many benefits of having a diverse workforce. Diversity impacts all stages of employment, from making it easier to attract and retain top talent, to better performance among diverse teams, to the greater innovation and creativity that comes from a workforce comprised of different backgrounds and experiences. We believe a diverse, equitable and inclusive organization workforce is critical to our success, and we work hard to create an environment where our employees feel inspired to do their best work. Our goal is to build a diverse, equitable and inclusive (DEI) organization where everyone feels valued and respected for their unique capabilities and where everyone is engaged in our strategic vision of continued strong growth. We are proud that a diverse group of people from all backgrounds, religions, nationalities, gender identity, sexual orientations and races make up our team. In fact, over 36% of our workforce is comprised of ethnic minorities. Additionally, while 66% of our overall workforce is female, women represent 25% of our C-level executives. Third Coast provides employee resources such as handbooks, procedures, and training in more than one language and continually looks for ways to be more inclusive and tap into the talent of our diverse workforce.

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